Bis forex turnover

News - Reserve Bank of New Zealand

This is nearly double the size of trade sent through New York's institutions ($1.272BN) shows the latest data from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).

London’s Grip on Global FX Trading Hit by

Asia's three main centres of trading — Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore — witnessed an increase from 15% to 21% of global share, BIS reports.

The anatomy of the global FX market through the -

Singapore Reinforces Position as the Largest FX Centre in the Asia.

It’s a reality check for everyone with skin in the game.

All FX Eyes on BIS Triennial Survey - Chatsworth Communications

The whole FX industry is watching for the Bank for International Settlements’ Triennial FX Survey results, due this afternoon at 2pm G. Chiefly because it is the single most comprehensive, trusted and aggregated account of what has been going on in currency trading across venues, jurisdictions and a whole range of macro and micro criteria.

Bis forex turnover:

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