Trading settlement system

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The location of the conclusion of a transaction consequently determines the course of further post-trading procedures, which as a market practice are governed by law or as inter-institutional agreements at the national level.

Settlement of Transactions and Delivery of Securities - Series 26.

Such infrastructures includes trading, payment, clearing and securities settlement systems, together withproperly regulated sectoral legislation governing the funtioning of these infrastructures and their operators at the national (and possibly also international) level.

Functionality of the dispute <b>settlement</b> <b>system</b> a world

Recommendations for securities settlement systems

Owned by the world's leading financial institutions, CLS settles payment instructions relating to underlying FX transactions in 18 major currencies and certain other transactions that result in one-way payments in a subset of those currencies.

Trading trading.

Securities Settlement Systems enable the transfer of securities, for instance, following trading on a stock-exchange or over the counter.

Trading settlement system:

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