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They did make £20k from £2k, but by the time i joined they managed to make £2k into £0k. I myself, trade the indices and in recent weeks have been extremely successful using a very simple system with bar charts and a couple of common indicators. :-) If you look at their spreadsheet containing last four year's trading you see that despite the claims made about 'money management' there are many trades that have lost not just 5% (which they claim is the maximum risk level) but up to 20% of the account value - thus the dramatic drawdowns!

Beck's Golden Ticket Gold Sellers Stayed Loyal While Other.

Even as scores of advertisers abandoned n Beck's Fox News show, it continued to attract sellers of gold and other precious metals.

Automatic Visitor Management <u>System</u> in Srinivaspuri, New Delhi.

Automatic Visitor Management System in Srinivaspuri, New Delhi.

I used Selecta7 (from the same people) and this turned out to be a costly error. £5k for a system that spits out entry and exit points, with no explanation, that are impossible to trade (For a start one would have to be following the Futures price to correlate with the SB companies price.) I find it hard to believe that anyone would hand over £5k without first: Stopping to consider why anyone with a system which, if it worked, would make the developer a multi-billionaire in a few years (taking into account the power of compounding) would need or want to sell it.

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