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Today I’m going to show you how to trade stop hunts without any sort guessing, we’re going to use a little know tool found on Oanda to locate where traders have placed their stop losses in the market and formulate a trading strategy based off of that information.

Using Oanda's Orderbook To Trade Stop Hunts – ForexMentorOnline

Orders may be quickly and easily passed between branches / locations in a fully flexible fashion.

An FCA Regulated, Award-Winning Venue LMAX Professional

An FCA Regulated, Award-Winning Venue LMAX Professional

In 2014, surveys celebrated that FX market participants use execution algorithms for some portion of their trading had reached 11%, up from 7% in 2012.

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Pending orders are bids to buy or sell which are executed if the current price of the trading instrument reaches the value specified in the valuation order.

Limit order book forex:

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