Hedge fund systematic trading strategies

Demystifying systematic macro hedge fund strategies

If the manager, however, increases the long positions in the fund to, say, 80% while still maintaining a 30% short position, the fund would have gross exposure of 110% (80% 30% = 110%), which indicates leverage of 10%.-specific stocks, etc.

Discretionary vs. Systematic Two Contrasting Hedge Fund. - Preqin

Open Quant features an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that provides quants and traders with an industrial strength strategy research, development, debugging, backtesting, simulation, optimization and automation.

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Systematic trading includes both manual trading of systems, and full or partial automation using computers.

Systematic Strategies

Open Quant and its next generation, Open Quant2014, Smart Quant's current flagship product, is an Algorithmic and Automated Trading System (ATS) Development Platform.

Hedge fund systematic trading strategies:

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