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Best wishes on behalf of 1.25 billion Indians Inna Lillah he wa ina alaihe Raje oun, Indeed he was a great person, great muslim, a living example of a Sufi, He proved and showed us what Pakistan meant for him after his family suffered so much not only pre 1947 but also during 1947. On the other hand, our PM etc goes abroad for bogus surgeries and living a luxurious post-treatment life there; using the taxpayers' money. We are the same nation who fought against British and Indians to get an independent Muslim country and now it seems as if we can only express our griefs in writing but haven't have any time to come out on streets and show to our barbaric politicians that there may not be more than 100,000 whereas the nation is comprised of 195 million people. You were an Indian before 1947 and a Pakistani thereafter. Let us talk today more about how he touched the world around him and changed it for ever.

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If you want to earn money on internet than you need some kind of payment processor in order to process your money and than they will send it you back in Pakistan.

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