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Các công ty xổ số kiến thiết áp dụng khung giải thưởng mới từ ngày đầu tiên của năm 2017 với giá trị giải đặc biệt tăng từ 1,5 tỷ lên 2 tỷ đồng, nhưng tổng giá trị trao thưởng trên một triệu vé số bán ra vẫn là 5 tỷ đồng.

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Power monopoly Electricity of Vietnam has reported losses of nearly VND717 billion ($32 million) in the first half this year, saying the stronger Japanese yen has increased its loan burden.

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Vietnamese rice exporters are facing intense competition from Thailand and Myanmar, he added. Besides, while ASEAN nations have removed or cut tariffs, major non-tariff barriers remain, said Le Thu Huong, an executive of rubber company Casumina.

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An Airbus A350-900 aircraft has arrived at Noi Bai International Airport on Monday, joining the fleet of national carrier Vietnam Airlines, which is expanding with more long-haul services. "The sale and leaseback of three Airbus A350-900 will help us ensure a financial balance without affecting our fleet performance, and mobilize capital for business activities," Duong Tri Thanh, Chief Executive Officer of Vietnam Airlines, said in a statement.

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